Monday, May 16, 2011


One of the blogs that I follow encouraged me to post random things about myself. In my head, I am not random at all, but unfortunately my thoughts and my mouth are not in sync so a lot of what I say is random. So here goes...

1. I am a little bit competitive. I didn't play organized sports as a child. I've never been apart of a "team" unless you count a recent game of kickball played with friends from my small group. My competitiveness comes out when it's a 1 on 1 situation. Example: I have to be the better runner out of all of my friends which means that I run longer and harder than they do which isn't necessary because they could care less. Now don't get me wrong, I know when to hold and when to fold, somethings I will just never be good cutting a straight line.

Doesn't this look just like me?!?
 2. I hate when people say "Danielle Patel, do you know that your name rhymes?" As if they were the first person to ever tell me that. Yes, I know that my name rhymes. I married into this name, I didn't pick it-well I picked him but I didn't pick the name.

Love of my life

3. I hate when people call to say that they are going to be late when they are already late.

My best friend for ever and ever AMEN

4. I can't do just one thing at a time. If you ever have a conversation with me I am usually talking, unloading my dishwasher, feeding Jordan a snack, and watching Young and the Restless (my guilty pleasure). My ability to multi-task keeps my brain young!


5. All of the closets in my house are color coordinated-it makes getting dressed so much easier.


6. I love to take pictures of people, I have strongly considered turning my hobby into a profession.

The other love of my life

7. I sometimes watch The Fresh Beat Band even when J isn't watching.

8. When ever I get new shoes I turn my radio up really loud and dance around in them-it's my way of breaking them in!

Okay...I'll add more random things about me as the week goes on!