Thursday, March 31, 2011

To Be Appreciated

Giving up tv at night in the Patel house has really been a blessing in disguise. I would say that we do a lot of things as a family outside of the house but when we are home, we all kinda go our seperate ways-Jordan included. Because I am home all day with Jordan once Ashish walks through the door I gladly hand the child duties off to him. He is great with Jordan. They play video games together, play ball (literally,throwing the balls up the stairs to watch them roll back down), sometimes they just chill on the couch. It gives this stay at home mom a moment to inhale and exhale slowly.

"Have you ever been a stay-at-home parent? Do you have any idea the amount of rigorous work and emotion it requires? The tireless hours of performing tasks that will never earn you a raise or a gold star or even be acknowledged by another human being? Cause Imma let you shut your mouth if you haven’t."  -Amanda Wrenn

So, because there has been no tv we have been able to refinish some furniture, move the furniture in the house, clean out my office, clean out the garage, and read (I mean really read) the chapters of Sacred Marriage. I love the sound of "family" at night. The only voice is coming from the mouth of someone that lives here, not Mickey Mouse, the Backyardians, ESPN, or one of the Real Housewives.

I was talking to Kai on the phone Tuesday night and I hear Ashish having a conversation with Jordan. Usually I don't listen in but something told me to take the phone away from my ear and eavesdrop.

A: Jordan, what would we do without your mommy?

J: Continues dancing to the Wheels on the Bus

A: We would eat cookies, drink juice, and our house would be ugly.

D: Your house wouldn't be ugly, it would just be bare.

A: And your Mom would have to come live with us

D: Well you better say a big prayer that nothing happens to me then.

A: Laughs. I say a prayer for you everynight anyway.

It feels good to know that there is someone rooting for you even when you don't know it. Aahh, to be appreciated.

Monday, March 14, 2011

This Place is a Zoo

Jordan goes to "school" one day a week, on Fridays. Since January, the class has been learning about the zoo and zoo animals. So, we decided that we were going to take Jordan to the zoo to visit all of the animals that he is learning about at school. Here are some pictures of our day at the zoo!


"Ele-pants (what Jordan calls them)!"

"Birds Eat"

"Hoppos." This is what Jordan called the Warthogs


Daddy and Jordan checking out the gorillas


We had a great Saturday at the zoo!

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Marching On

Holy March! Where did February go? This is my last event free month until November. This year is already flying by and we are only 3 months in. I've been absent for blogging for close to two weeks now (I know you noticed). Most of the absence is because I've been updating my other blog, Yes, I Really Am Big Boned quite frequently. I've started this crazy running schedule with my best friend that has me up and going at 4:30 in the morning, that's right 4:30AM. It's been an adjustment but I am working it out, figuratively and literally. I am on this journey for several reasons but the biggest reason is for better health. I am a pretty healthy person but I want to be healthier. I am setting small goals to keep me interested, making lifestyle changes (no diet here), and working out.

So, my brother is getting married in September and I was asked to be the matron of honor. Am I honored? Partly yes and partly no. I accepted but a little bit reluctantly. My future sister-in-law, Tasha, whom I love to pieces is really indecisive. She doesn't have a clue what she wants and really doesn't know how much time and effort is involved in planning a wedding -sans wedding planner. So, it's March and they still don't have a venue finalized. I would be freaking out if this were my wedding. They are 6 months away from their wedding day. They don't seem to be concerned so why should I? Oh, that is s much easier said than done. I, on the inside, am screaming.

On a brighter note: They allowed me to take their engagement pictures. They.are. AWESOME. I am in the process of getting a new laptop so I can't post pics now, but just know that they are good.

So, with no details finalized I can move on to my next big event Keisha's baby shower. I am so excited for my sweet friend. She and her husband are expecting their second baby, a girl, in June. We (myself and Candis, Keisha's best friend) are planning the shower for April 16th. Stay tuned for pics!

Well, I'm off to complete my Wake Up Wednesday project. This blog is amazing!