Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Catching Up

Wow, it's been a over a month since I last blogged. To say that I've been busy would be an understatement! We're finally at the tail end of our busy months and it feels so good! Here's a quick recap of the past month!

I blogged about my birthday but never actually posted it...oops!
Tomorrow is my birthday, I will be 29. Am I the only one that continues to still have birthdays but believe (in your head of course) that you are still 25? Outside of the random tweak in my hip and back -thank you child birth, and the one stray gray hair that I found last week, I still feel 25.

So, what am I doing for my birthday? Well, in un-Danielle fashion, I didn't have any concrete plans going into this week. I wanted to do something low-key but fun. So, tonight, Ashish and I are going to dinner with some friends and then to see a movie. Tomorrow, we are having some family and friends come over for a Mexican themed birthday get together. That's it, nothing crazy or extravagant.

What I learned in year 28:
  • That thinking about Botox injections and wrinkle creams is not all that uncommon
  • 30 really isn't that old
  • I can't expect people to do for me what I do for them.
  • More often than not, people are late for things. I didn't just learn this, I've always known, I'm just now choosing to accept it.
  • My friends and family are more important to me than anything.
So, here's to 29! May it be as full of blessings and love as 28 was!

My baby turned 3 on February 5. I can't handle it. The time has gone by so fast. Jordan wanted a Race Car themed party and that's exactly what he got!

The incredible cake made by Chelsie

Party in full swing

Happy Birthday boy!

Pinata time!

We reconnected with some old friends this month. Almost two years ago we decided that we needed to de-dramatize (is that a word?!?) our lives which meant taking a step away from some friendships. That step was one of the hardest things that Ashish and I have ever had to do in our marriage. It was Ashish's childhood friend and his wife, whom I was friends with. The wife contacted me this month and wanted to know if we'd be willing to have dinner and work things out. According to her, they were in a different place in their lives. She said that they've changed. There was a lot of hurt involved in the demise of the friendship. Things were said that can never be taken back. We decided to take them up on their offer. We quickly realized why it all happened, it was God's plan for The Patels. In the two years since the friendship ending we have found a church to call home, joined a small group, made so many good friends through the small group. We've learned how to surround ourselves with positive people, give it all to God, pray more,worry less, and the list goes on. God was using us, teaching us, and working on us.

We had dinner with the old friends on Saturday, it was awkward. I didn't expect things to be like they used to be, so many things had changed, we changed. I don't really know what will happen with that friendship. For Ashish's sake, I hope it can be rebuilt.

Until next time...