Monday, March 04, 2013

"Doing" Marriage Alone

Happy Monday! I hope everyone is off to a great week! Ashish, Jordan, and I are headed out of town for a short trip on Wednesday and then back home for his first T-Ball game! Oh, did I mention that he was playing T-Ball? No? Sorry! We signed him up, as a last minute thing. So far, we've only practiced 3 times because of the cold and rain. I'm super excited to see him in his little t-ball uniform!

Let's talk marriage for a few minutes. Over the weekend, I was talking with a friend about husbands and marriage and she said "you and Ashish don't go anywhere alone. You two are always together." To which I replied, "yeah, we don't really "do" life alone." To which I got a blank stare. I didn't think that what I said was that thought provoking. I didn't think that I said anything really profound. The truth is, we don't do life alone. We make a point to spend time together a lot. Whether that time is as a family or just as a couple. We go to birthday parties together. We both go to T-Ball. We go to Target together. We shop together. We visit friends together. We even plan doctor's appts for days when we can both go.  We do these things together because we want to, not because we have to. There is a difference.

We make alone time a priority in our marriage. Both of our parents are nearby and always willing to take Jordan for a couple hours or sometimes the night so that makes it easier. But, even if our parents weren't close, we would find a way to spend time together. It's by far the most important thing in our marriage. 

Don't get me wrong, we both have our own interests and hobbies. We have our own friends. I go out with my girlfriends at least once a month. I meet up with a high school friend for dinner once a month. I purposely plan my nights out with my friends on the nights that Ashish works late. I'm selfish with my family and husband time. If he's home, I want to be with him. I don't feel bad for leaving him if he is home, but I would hangout with him if I had the choice. I don't want to do life without him. 

In small group we talked about praying for a spouse for our children. If I were to pray for a spouse for Jordan, I would pray that he would find someone that he wants to do life with. The good and the bad. Someone that will fight for him and fight with him. I pray that he finds someone that respects him for him but isn't afraid to challenge him. Most of all, I pray that he never has to "do" marriage alone.

So tell me, are Ashish and I in the majority or the minority? How do you and your husband "do" life?

Friday, March 01, 2013

Danielle Lately

I know, I know, it's been a while. I wish I had some grand reason as to why I haven't blogged but I don't. I've been lazy. I've been reading other's blogs and commenting but not really giving much attention to my blog. So, here is a little update on what's going on with me...lately!

Jordan turned four on Feb 5th. I still can't believe it. Yes, the time is going by so fast but at the same time, in my mind, he is still a baby. The other day he said "is that cool with you, mom?" My head almost did a 360. That was such a "big boy" phrase. I can't handle it!

I, along with two other friends, are hosting a triple baby shower on Sunday! Yep-three mamas, three babies! Our small group is awesome.

We are taking a mini vacation next week! Ask me where we're going! We don't know! LOL! We originally planned to head to Pigeon Forge but they have a good amount of snow right now. No thanks! We may head south.

Savannah, Ga.

We have an important doctor's appointment coming up on Wednesday! Please keep us in your prayers! I know that God has a great plan for us and everything is in his timing. I also know that I am impatient. Please pray for patience!

Thanks all I've got! Have a great weekend!