Sunday, January 30, 2011


Everyone has a best friend; if you're lucky you have several. I met my best friend when I was 12, her name is Tasha. It all started on the school bus. I had just moved into a new neighborhood and when I got on the school bus for the first time no one would let me sit down Without saying anything Tasha moved over and offered me a seat.

Turned out that Tasha was adopted by her aunt and uncle when she was 8. She was outspoken, crass, sometimes downright rude. I LOVED it. We were complete opposites. I was every bit of a girly girl and she was just as much of a tomboy. I talked to her about fashion and she talked to me about the correct and most efficient way to cut 2 acres of grass in no time. Our friendship was instantaneous.

When we were 15 and 16 our moms (her aunt) stood at the terminal waiting for our plane to leave...we were headed to Orlando for Spring Break. I don't know what our parents were thinking but they trusted us...together. I truly think that they believed that we were the best parts of each could we get into trouble? LOL! Ohhhh....the things we did. Memories...

She held my hand as I applied to colleges. I think she hoped and prayed harder than I did for those acceptance letters. I am a year old than Tasha so I was off to college and she was a senior in high school.  As I was driving home from class one night I got a call from Tasha."I'm pregnant" is what she said. Totally shocked but well versed in pretending not to be, I said, "we'll get through it." A senior in high school working a pretty full part-time job and pregnant. Tasha's always been a fighter that way. When she is determined, there is no stopping her. So it was my turn to do the hand holding. Mackenzie Moffit was born on July 12, 2002, a month and a couple weeks after Tasha graduated high school.

Me, Tasha, and Kenzie at Jordan's 1st Birthday Party

I admire her. She has done everything in her power to provide a fantastic life for "Kenzie." Although Kenzie's dad is a very active part in her life, Tasha has raised her on her own. There were no miracle grandparents there to save the day when she needed a babysitter or was too sick to take care of Kenzie. She "put on her big girl panties" and got the job done.

We've been through it all together...relationships, heartbreak, heartache, pregnancies, weddings, you name it, we've lived it. She's my "person," no questions asked! She's my biggest cheerleader, my worst critic, and the sister that I wished that I'd had.

Some of My Favorites!


Thursday, January 27, 2011

What I've Learned in Two Years

Two years ago I was praying that I would "hurry up and have this baby." I had a perfect pregnancy, little weight gain, minimal ankle swelling, not too much back pain. My last month of pregnancy was the worst. Insomnia kicked in and I was awake while the world was sleeping-every night. On the phone with my grandmother one day, I told her that I was having trouble sleeping at night and was exhausted during the day. After a lot of "grandmother-ly" advice she said "your insomnia is just God's way of preparing you for the baby."

Jordan will be two on February 5th. Those two years have flown by so fast. I compiled a list of things that I have learned in these short (and long) two years.

  1. My grandmother was right; God was preparing me. Jordan slept through the night for 4 weeks and then stopped. Months 3-9 are a blur because Ashish and I were coasting through parenthood with one eye open and the other one closed.
  2. One smile from Jordan does make everything better. Something tells me that he may use his super power (his smile) against me one day.
  3. Children will make and break your the same time. Between being sleep deprived, frustrated with a colicky baby, working (Ashish), and trying to maintain your house; emotions run high, things are said, and feelings get hurt. It's unfortunate but it's true-at least at our house.
  4. Grandparents are your best and worst friends. Jordan has awesome grandparents, on both sides. We have never had to find a babysitter, all of the grandparents are more than willing to rearrange their schedules to accommodate ours.
  5. No matter how good your diapers are...boys have a way of peeing out of the top side of a diaper.'s just weird.
  6. Babies sense when they are wearing really nice clothes...they typically spit up, poop, or pee all over them.
  7. The list could go on but I will leave off with this...when I married Ashish, I didn't think that I could love another person more...then I had Jordan. He is the best thing that has happened to me and to us.
"No one sad it would be easy, they just said that it would be worth it."

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Turning 28

My birthday started out as any other Friday. Usually Jordan is wide awake at 8:00 in the morning but for some reason, he ALWAYS wants to sleep in on Fridays. So, as usual, I have to wake him up and get his little buns going. Usually I like for him to be awake at 7:45 so that he has some time to wake up and get his brain rolling. Unfortunately, this never happens on Fridays; we literally hit the ground running. Breakfast, milk, clothes, diapers, backpack-wait...did I write a check for the tuition? Jordan only goes to school one day a week-on Fridays. Out the door by 8:45, at school by's a task every Friday.

Once I dropped Jordan off at school I had to go by the dentist office. I have to get a root canal...yuck. Actually, the root canal isn't the yucky part. The yucky part is the amount of money that we will have to pay out of pocket AFTER insurance. Who knew that dental work was so expensive? Up until now, I had only had a cavity. Nothing major. How does one go from paying for a cavity (which insurance usually covered) to paying for a root canal? I visit the dentist regularly? Was there no warning that this was going to happen? OK, enough of my soapbox. From the dentist I got a car wash-can't drive around in a dirty car on your birthday! It must have been my lucky day because the owner of the car wash gave me a free car wash because it was my birthday. YES! From the car wash I had to go to the eye doctor-a new eye doctor. Apparently my old eye doctor doesn't accept my vision insurance anymore. Good grief-me and "insurance" were in an argument's obvious that I was losing. I WAS losing until I got to the new eye doctor and the receptionist told me that my contacts would be FREE! Best.Words. EVER. And, to top it all off, the insurance company was going to cover the full price of a new pair of COACH eyeglasses (all who know me, know how much this means to me-not the glasses, but the fact that they are COACH). It was my lucky I thought.

This entry is long and I am babbling on but I haven't gotten to the very best part yet. When my husband came home, he came bearing gifts!
Beautiful roses

AND...thanks to Ashish, my in-laws, and parents...I'm a proud new owner of a NIKON D3100. Here are some of the pictures taken with my new camera.

Surrounded by family and close friends, I celebrated my 28th birthday. God is good, all the time, every time, right on time.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A Funky Funk

When I was little we were never allowed to say "funky." To be honest, I don't know why; it wasn't like it was a bad word or anything. In my mother's eyes, saying that something is "funky" (unless referring to music) was just as bad as calling someone a "liar" or as bad as saying "what" or "huh" instead of "yes" or "ma'am" when your name was called. Sorry mom but today I am in a FUNKY funk.

Disclaimer:  If you came to my blog looking for inspiration, stop reading now. This post will be absurd. Completely absurd. I'm a crazy girl and I have LOTS of crazy girl moments.

I don't really know why I am in this funk really. Maybe it's the fact that I am turning 28 in 3 days., it feels like I was just 25, no, it's not 30...but it's 28. Where have the years gone. In three short years I have gotten married, quit my job, and had a baby. Maybe that's it...maybe it's that Jordan will be 2, yes, 2 in two weeks. My little baby isn't a little baby anymore. He is talking up a storm, throwing balls (sometimes at people), walking up the stairs with no hands...the list goes on. I am proud of the child he has become.

The more I think about it my funk resembles that of a 5 year old tantrum-sans the tears. I want to be left alone with my book, my Chipotle, and my remote control. Ha-wouldn't that be nice.

Well, that funk was nice...break is over...Jordan needs a bath.

Sunday, January 09, 2011

Happy New Year!

I need to start this blog with one simple phrase..."God is good...all the time, everytime, right on time."

We survived the holidays! I say "survived" because Jordan is the only grandchild on both sides of the family and I was SURE that we were going to end up with a bunch of....well...CRAP this year. My parents went over board, as they always do...a motorized train, DVD player for the car, LeapFrogs, Leap Pads, clothes...too much stuff. Ashish's parents did what they are best money to support Jordan's college fund. We (Ashish and I) are truly blessed to have such fantastic grandparents for Jordan. There isn't a day that goes by that I am not thanking God for them.


I was really excited about New Year's Eve. We planned to host our first New Year's Eve Party with our new friends (and some old). That morning, I sat on my couch thinking about all of the things that happened in 2010. We continued to have a happy healthy baby...well, he was growing into a toddler...FAST...but he was still a baby to me. In the midst of a recession. when so many people were out of a job, Ashish's job was uneffected. My dad had a heart scare that turned out to be nothing but a fluke. The greatest thing that happened to Ashish and I was finding a small group at church. I can't begin to describe how this group of 24 people, 12 couples, has influenced our lives. All of the people in this group make us want to be better people. Just when we are feeling down on our luck, we met a couple, Chris and Ali Davis, that had a faith like no other. Chris was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma shortly after their son, Copper, was born. After hearing their story, and how they handled life on a daily basis, I definitely had a new appreciation for Ashish. Their love for each other was undeniable, it was infectious actually. I learned a little bit from each one of those couples. God pushed us to join th group and I am SO glad that he did.

The women and men of our "not so small" Small Group, minus a couple of people!