Sunday, August 11, 2013

Bump Attack: Week 20-22

Weight Gain: 16lbs...WHAT! Honestly, I had a feeling that all of the dessert would catch up to me. Time to reel it all back in.

Cravings: sweets...dessert to be exact. Also, Twizzlers, I  never used to like those things but I love them now.

Symptoms/Aches/Pains: No Zofran in 2 weeks!!! I am keeping my fingers crossed that morning sickness is a thing of the past. Fatigue: yeah, I'm still exhausted. I have come to grips with the fact that I may just be tired through this whole pregnancy. My shoulder pain has subsided. I think the pregnancy pillow is helping a lot. The sciatic pain...totally different story. Ms. Thing is sitting right on my sciatic nerve causing me to lose balance if I get up too fast. Sometimes, my leg will just give out on me, for no reason. I have been walking around like a little old lady for the past 4 days. My mom called it "The Pregnant Girl" shuffle today. LOL

Wedding Rings: Still on!

What's New? We decided that we needed to get rid of all of Jordan's clothes before we went crazy buying stuff for baby girl. Know what that means?!? That means 9 tubs of clothes and shoes to sort through. We knew that we wanted to sell as much as we could and then we will donate the rest. I have been sorting, tagging, and pinning clothes for nearly a week. I'm surprised my eyes aren't crossed.

This little guy started school last week! It's bitter sweet.