Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Jordan Turns 2!!!

Wow, it's been two years. I really can't believe it. As cliche as it sounds; the time has gone by so fast. I remember when I had it like it was yesterday (especially the pain). In true Patel/Johnson style, Jordan had 3 birthday parties!

We started out at his preschool on Friday

On Saturday, February 5th (his actual birthday), we had a party at Jump for Joy
Patiently waiting on his friends


Jordan and his Kruti Foi

Cassie and Jonathen

Daddy helping blow out the candles

After the cake and candles, it was time to JUMP!!!

After an hour and a half of jumping, running, riding, and shooting(basketball), it was time to head home for party #2!

We had a great day!

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Two Dozen and Change said...

What a cutie pie! Looks like he had an absolute blast!! Happy Birthday Jordan!!!