Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A Yes From God

Ashish didn't get the job. They called yesterday and said that they needed someone with a little more experience.He was really upset. My husband is an overachiever, he is rarely told "no." The hardest part, for him, was that he was turned down over something that he couldn't control. He can't add more years to his life, he can't add more years under his pharmacist belt. It is what it is, which stinks.

When I've prayed about it, I didn't pray for him to get the job, I prayed that God close the door on this job if it wasn't in his plan. My prayers were answer, I guess, because they said "no." As PK (our pastor) often says, "a "no" from man is sometimes a "yes" from God." So, we are taking it as a "yes" and believing that he has something better in store for The Patels! Thanks so much for praying for us. Ashish and I are beyond blessed to be surrounded by so many encouraging people!


Pegster said...

Danielle, so sorry he didn't get the job. I have to agree with you tho a no from the man is definitely a "yes" from God. God has plans for us beyond what we could imagine and I pray that in this case he shows you the way soon. Good luck.

Mrs. Pancakes said...

Just came across your blog...wishing you and your hubby many blessings! God's definitely in control!

Faith said...

I haven't stopped by in a little while. Looks like you're having a little blog break :)

It is so true what you said. Man's "No" can be God's "Yes" I love that!

Praying that he will get the job that God desires for him to have!