Monday, August 20, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up

Happy Monday Ladies! Who's excited about Monday?!? Anyone? Ok, maybe I'm the only one excited about today being Monday. Monday means that I eat better, can typically avoid all bad foods, and most of all, it's one day closer to another Friday!

Anyway, here's what I was up to this weekend...

Friday: Ashish was off work so he and J went to play golf. I love that they have their own "things" to share. Mama couldn't care less about golf, cars, trains, planes, football, or basketball, I leave all that stuff to Ashish. After I got home from Ashley's we ran some errands and had sushi for dinner. It was a pretty uneventful Friday night but I liked it like that!

Saturday: Lovey (my mom) called and requested that Jordan come and spend the night, the night before, so I woke up to an extremely quiet house. What is it about wishing that you could wake up to a quiet house and when you do, you wish that madness would start? I felt like I was coming down with a cold so I laid on my couch and caught up on Y&R. When I was done watching tv, and Ashish was still sleeping, I decided to go for a run and then go get a mani/pedi. Ahhh...freedom!

We ran more errands throughout the day then went to Catch Air with some friends to let the kids play!

Ashton loves Ashish and the feeling is mututal
photo.JPG photo.JPGphoto.JPG

We finished our day with a trip to Mellow Mushroom, frozen yogurt from Yogli Mogli, and running around the park.

Sunday: Church as usual! Our small group will be starting back in about 2 weeks and I can't WAIT! The summer away from small group always feels like such a long time!

After church I ran and grabbed a baby shower gift, ate lunch, and then headed to a shower for my friend Melissa. The shower was really cute and very sweet. The ladys that planned it did a fantastic job.

We have a couple DIY projects going on at the Patel house so we took a quick, and by quick I mean 1.5hrs, trip to Home Depot to map out our plan of action. Sidenote: my dad works for Home Depot so my loyalties have always been to them. I purposely go to "his" Home Depot because I know a good amount of ppl that work there. Yesterday when we went, I didn't know any of the men that were working in the lumber dept, they had no clue who I was either. Two men spent nearly 1.5 hrs helping Ashish and I map out the best way to build some new shelves in our house (I have a very "why buy it if you can build it" mentality. One of the many traits that I inherited from my dad!). These two guys were so helpful and never seemed annoyed with me when I changed my mind. I will continue to give HD my money! Anyway, after that trip it was time for dinner. After dinner I went for a long walk with MeMe to do some "catching up."

Please say a prayer for Keisha, she still hasn't had the baby yet. Also, send up a special prayer for Ashish's mom, she lost one of her close friends to cancer on Saturday.

That about sums up my weekend! I hope you guys had a great weekend too!

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Jennifer said...

Girl, I have a DIY heart also! HGTV makes you think you can do the most amazing things! lol. Good luck on the shelves! I have to see how it comes out. And yay to a fresh start Monday... I always do awesome in the beginning of the week dietwise...