Friday, July 26, 2013

Bump Attack: Week 18-20

Weight Gain: 12lbs

Cravings: Same as before, nothing new! Aversions: none really. Nothing tastes good and everything tastes good, all at the same time!

Symptoms: I haven't taken my Zofran is 4 days! Wahoo! I am hoping and praying that we are at the end of the morning sickness. Fingers crossed!

 Fatigue...goodness. I was telling Ashish that I refuse to believe that I am going to be this tired until this pregnancy is over. I need an IV of caffeine some days. Geesh!

Boy or Girl? GIRL GIRL GIRL!

Maternity Clothes: I'm still able to wear most of my clothes. My jeans are a little too tight toward the end of the day but it's not horrible.

Stretch Marks: no new ones!

Aches and Pains: I feel like I traded one symptom for another because my shoulders have been killing me. At first I thought that I pulled something but just as fast at the pain came, it went, the first time. The second time that I experienced the pain, it was in the other shoulder and there really wasn't any reason for it. The only thing that I can attribute the pain to is trying to sleep on my side. I am a back sleeper and I am beginning to train myself to sleep on my side. Well, my shoulders are all uneven creating pain in each shoulder. I hope that I can get comfortable soon. Not being able to lift my arms up is starting to become annoying.

Wedding Rings: Still on!

We are in nursery prep around here. Jordan and baby girl will share a room so we are trying to get everything sorted out before we buy more furniture.

Thanks to everyone that sent their well wishes about the baby. You ladies are the best!

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