Sunday, January 30, 2011


Everyone has a best friend; if you're lucky you have several. I met my best friend when I was 12, her name is Tasha. It all started on the school bus. I had just moved into a new neighborhood and when I got on the school bus for the first time no one would let me sit down Without saying anything Tasha moved over and offered me a seat.

Turned out that Tasha was adopted by her aunt and uncle when she was 8. She was outspoken, crass, sometimes downright rude. I LOVED it. We were complete opposites. I was every bit of a girly girl and she was just as much of a tomboy. I talked to her about fashion and she talked to me about the correct and most efficient way to cut 2 acres of grass in no time. Our friendship was instantaneous.

When we were 15 and 16 our moms (her aunt) stood at the terminal waiting for our plane to leave...we were headed to Orlando for Spring Break. I don't know what our parents were thinking but they trusted us...together. I truly think that they believed that we were the best parts of each could we get into trouble? LOL! Ohhhh....the things we did. Memories...

She held my hand as I applied to colleges. I think she hoped and prayed harder than I did for those acceptance letters. I am a year old than Tasha so I was off to college and she was a senior in high school.  As I was driving home from class one night I got a call from Tasha."I'm pregnant" is what she said. Totally shocked but well versed in pretending not to be, I said, "we'll get through it." A senior in high school working a pretty full part-time job and pregnant. Tasha's always been a fighter that way. When she is determined, there is no stopping her. So it was my turn to do the hand holding. Mackenzie Moffit was born on July 12, 2002, a month and a couple weeks after Tasha graduated high school.

Me, Tasha, and Kenzie at Jordan's 1st Birthday Party

I admire her. She has done everything in her power to provide a fantastic life for "Kenzie." Although Kenzie's dad is a very active part in her life, Tasha has raised her on her own. There were no miracle grandparents there to save the day when she needed a babysitter or was too sick to take care of Kenzie. She "put on her big girl panties" and got the job done.

We've been through it all together...relationships, heartbreak, heartache, pregnancies, weddings, you name it, we've lived it. She's my "person," no questions asked! She's my biggest cheerleader, my worst critic, and the sister that I wished that I'd had.

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Tasha Criss said...

oh the secrets we share. This was very sweet and thoughtful. Thank you and I love you very much.