Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Marching On

Holy March! Where did February go? This is my last event free month until November. This year is already flying by and we are only 3 months in. I've been absent for blogging for close to two weeks now (I know you noticed). Most of the absence is because I've been updating my other blog, Yes, I Really Am Big Boned quite frequently. I've started this crazy running schedule with my best friend that has me up and going at 4:30 in the morning, that's right 4:30AM. It's been an adjustment but I am working it out, figuratively and literally. I am on this journey for several reasons but the biggest reason is for better health. I am a pretty healthy person but I want to be healthier. I am setting small goals to keep me interested, making lifestyle changes (no diet here), and working out.

So, my brother is getting married in September and I was asked to be the matron of honor. Am I honored? Partly yes and partly no. I accepted but a little bit reluctantly. My future sister-in-law, Tasha, whom I love to pieces is really indecisive. She doesn't have a clue what she wants and really doesn't know how much time and effort is involved in planning a wedding -sans wedding planner. So, it's March and they still don't have a venue finalized. I would be freaking out if this were my wedding. They are 6 months away from their wedding day. They don't seem to be concerned so why should I? Oh, that is s much easier said than done. I, on the inside, am screaming.

On a brighter note: They allowed me to take their engagement pictures. They.are. AWESOME. I am in the process of getting a new laptop so I can't post pics now, but just know that they are good.

So, with no details finalized I can move on to my next big event Keisha's baby shower. I am so excited for my sweet friend. She and her husband are expecting their second baby, a girl, in June. We (myself and Candis, Keisha's best friend) are planning the shower for April 16th. Stay tuned for pics!

Well, I'm off to complete my Wake Up Wednesday project. This blog is amazing!

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