Wednesday, July 06, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Independence Day Edition!

I came across this idea while reading one of the blogs that I follow. Every Wednesday she tells us what she is loving that week. I love the idea, check out her blog. I come across so many ideas and concepts that I would love to share with people. What better way to do it than in my blog! So, here is what I am loving this Wednesday.

I'm Loving that my 3rd of July ran smoothly. We invited some of our closest family members and friends. Before we knew it, there were 52 people in our house.We had a blast. My dad rented a moonwalk and snow cone maker for the kids. We had so much food it was ridiculous. What a great time we had!
My brother, his fiance, me, and Ashish (my husband)

I'm parents. I couldn't have pulled this party off without them (and Ashish). They always go above and beyond to help me. I thank God everyday for my parents and my in-laws.

I'm Loving...this sweet boy.

Shooting "waga" guns!

I'm Loving...friends.

I'm Loving...these three people. My friend, Keisha, had a baby girl on June 8th. Ms. Kennedy graced us with her presence at my party.

And, always, I am Loving this guy!

Happy Wednesday everyone!

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