Monday, November 14, 2011

Today I am Thankful-Recap

I didn't realize how busy I was until I wasn't busy anymore. Funny how that happens!So, I have been an awful blogger. I haven't kept my promise to blog everyday about something that I am thankful for. I have, however, been writing the things down! So, here is a list of the things that I have been thankful the past couple of days.

11/9-I am thankful that today (Wednesday) is my Thursday. I work M-Th so when Thursday gets here, I am always really excited (not that my job is that stressful).

11/10-I am thankful for my Small Group, again. I think I will write that every Thursday because I am really thankful for this great group of people.

11/11-I am thankful for my hairdresser. That woman can work wonders!

11/12-I am thankful for talented friends that are willing to share their talents with me, for free. My friend Kristin is a wonderful photographer. I asked her to give me, and another friend, a tutorial on my camera and when was more than willing to offer her services. I am also thankful for unexpected family time. We had dinner with my parents, my brother and SIL, and her mother. It was supposed to be just us and my parents but my brother decided to stay.

11/13-I am thankful for dreary days. Is that weird? God gives me dreary days to slow me down. I am always busy running errands, going here, going there, but when it's dreary out, I don't want to go anywhere.

So that's it, in a nutshell!

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