Tuesday, July 03, 2012


One of the perks of Ashish's work schedule is that he has days off during the week! We've been trying to do fun things with J while Ashish is home. We are quickly approaching the Fourth of July and before you know it, school will be starting and it will be business as usual. Ashish wasn't able to take this week off work so we decided to do a "day-cation" instead of a vacation.

Our 1st stop: The Georgia Aquarium. It was a mad house, as it always is. I am not a huge Aquarium fan, I kinda have the "I've seen it once, I've seen it enough" mentality. This time was a little different. The previous times that we've gone, J was a too little to enjoy it. They allow strollers but they really get in the way. This time he was able to walk around and see everything so it was worth it!

  • Jordan had a great time!
  • The line to see the attractions wasn't ridiculously long

  • It's always crazy crowded. It doesn't matter what day you go or what time you go, it's really crowded.
  • It's expensive, in my opinion. For 2 adults and 2 kids (we had my cousin with us), it was $138.

Stop #2-Malibu Grand Prix

Jordan L.O.V.E.S race cars. We've been wanting to take him to a go-kart place since he started this obsession cars. Ashish supports his addiction. It's their thing, their bond, one of the many things in life that "mom just doesn't understand." One problem-you have to be 40" tall to ride. We measured him on a daily weekly basis hoping that he would finally reach 40".

As we walked up to the counter, we were nervous, we measured him at home and his little curl made him tall enough, but what if his hair wasn't curling in the same direction? What if the "grumpy old troll" that was at the counter wasn't so convinced? We took our chances and it WORKED! Thank you Nike for giving my kid that extra inch that he needed. Thank you Ashish for having curly hair which means that Jordan also has curls. We were all doing the Happy Dance!


  • Jordan was happy.
  • J and A got to experience something together for the first time. Like I said, cars is THEIR thing.
  • It was extremely hot
  • The line to ride the go-karts was forever long.

Our "Day-cation" was a success! I can't wait to plan another one!

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