Monday, July 02, 2012


One of our NewYear's resolutions was to travel more. On the plane ride back from my grandfather's funeral Ashish and I decided that we would try to go somewhere every three months. The trip could be as big or as small as we want it to be but we definitely wanted to travel. We visited Charleston back in March, you can read about it here! This time around, we wanted to go somewhere that was a little bit closer to home so we chose to head down to Savannah for Father's Day weekend!

We Started out our day with a walk down River Street.

After lunch, we took a relaxing boat tour of The Savannah River

Our home away from home-The Savannah Marriott Riverfront. I highly recommend it!

 We decided to head back to River Street to have dinner.
Jordan took this picture of us. He's a little photographer in the making!

After a good nights sleep, we were back up and at 'em! First stop, the river trolley!

We were able to tour a real pirate ship! Jordan was a little disappointed that Jake and his Neverland Pirates weren't there.

You can't visit Savannah without taking a trolley tour. There is so much history in Savannah, it's amazing.

J made some friends!

This picture is really out of place but we made it to the beach!

Guess who came down to Savannah to visit with us?!? G-Pa and Lovey-my parents!

Jordan's best friend

 The last day of our trip was Father's Day. I got to spend Father's Day with two of the best dads that I know-my husband and my daddy. I love my dad immensely.

As we sat out on the deck of Tubby's having brunch we got to listen to this man sing the most amazing gospel songs. He wasn't begging for money or asking for anything, he was just singing. It was an "Oh, Happy Day" for this girl!


Faith said...

So fun! I love the idea to travel every 3 months!

Looks like a great trip! I am loving your hat too! I need one! :)

Ashley Yates said...

Love the pictures and I love your hat! You look great girl!

Pegster said...

This looks like such a fun trip. I love the idea of taking a trip somewhere as a family often.

PS - I love the self portrait, they are my favorite