Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday Letters

Dear always, it's a pleasure to see you. Dear Scale...please tell me that all my hard work this week is paying off. Dear're less than 6 months away from the big 3-0.  Dear God...I'm still here...being quiet...waiting to move! Dear Storm...I really don't appreciate you. You single handedly took out my modem which in turn took out my home phone, internet, and U-Verse. Mean...just mean. Dear Quiet Mornings...I really do appreciate you. The only thing that could make you better is a cup of coffee, which I don't drink. Sigh. Dear Girl's Night/Friday Plans...I know that I am no longer 21, please be kind to me on Saturday morning. Dear Self...learn to say "no." Dear Ashley...I'm screaming "Happy Birthday" to you.

Have a great weekend ladies!


Kimberly said...

I love a quiet morning. Hope you have a good weekend!

Faith said...

yeah, that is the reason why i decided to limit the ice cream intake. .. my 30th is right around the corner! 3 months to be exact. i need to get my behind in shape! :)

hehe, hope that you wake up well on Saturday morning. the last girl's night i had was not fun the next day. i always wonder, how did i do it?

Ashley said...

aww adorable! Your blog is such aninspiration to me!

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xoxo =)

Bailey@Lost&Found said...

Yayy for birthday's coming up! I, too, am hoping the scale will be kind to me coming up, but I'm not feeling too optimistic, LOL. Hope you have better luck, and if nothing else, a wonderful weekend!


Christine Bryant said...

Happy Friday Danielle!!!...BOOOOOO to the weather this week, MAN!!!...I need to learn to tell myself NO, too...and it up for the BOTH of us tonight at GIRL NIGHT!!

#NewFollower from Friday's Letters

Be Blessed <3

Chris said...

1 storm and all that damage... that's not ok. Have a great night out and hopefully you'll feel great in the morning. Visiting from Friday's Letters.


Ashley said...

i feel you on the storms. i have directv and a slight wind turns the signal all the way off! hope you had fun on your girls weekend! and i feel you on the hard work with the scale...i always hold my breath! hope you had a fantastic weekend!