Friday, July 20, 2012

Friday Letters


Dear God...thank you for allowing me to see another Friday! Please cover the doctors that will be operating on my best friend/cousin this morning. She is really nervous and I am just flat out scared for her. Dear Husband...I'm thanking God for you this morning. Dear took the heat but can you please take the humidity too? Dear Jay-Z, Kanye, and Beyonce...because of you, I didn't scream obscenities during my run, it was rather pleasant. Dear Run...I pushed through you, my waistline will be happy. Dear Neighbors...I understand that we live in a fairly safe neighborhood in the suburbs but that doesn't mean that there isn't crime out here. Please close your garage at night. I would hate to have to look at you like your crazy apologetically when someone breaks into your house. Dear George Zimmerman...I'm SMH @ You. Dear New guys are the best. I have received the sweetest comments this week. You guys know how to make a girl feel good! Dear Jennifer...this time next week we will be gearing up to head out for our mini vacation with our little muffins (boys) and our big cupcakes (hubbys). The count down starts NOW!

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Jenstar_Blonde said...

Hey thanks for coming checking out my blog! that picture you have put at the end is Hilarious!!! i think thats what all women are like running!! hehe

i totally agree with your choice of running music! a good beat is something you always have to have when running :)

Jen xxx

Faith said...

i'm praying for your cousin. God has her in His hands.

I hate humidity! I hated it so much more when I was relaxed!

Ahh, I love listening to them when I work out too. Makes it so much easier.

Hahahaha, about your neighbors ... sooo funny!

I have no words for Zimmerman.

You are going to have the best time! Want to put me in your suitcase?

Jennifer said...

WAHOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Girl, I SERIOUSLY wish it were today!!! Ahh well. One more week and we are OUTTA HERE!!!! Absolutely love your post :)

Beth said...

I am with you on the humidity! Holy cow... Prayers for your cousin. I hope all goes well.

You are cracking me up about your neighbors, but seriously - some people gotta get a clue. But, some don't learn until it happens to them.

Have a great week! Glad I found you at Friday's Letters! :)

Kimberly said...

*** sending a prayer for your friend***

AND I am with you on taking the humdity. I don't think my hair can take another minute!

Ashley said...

The running picture....that's me.

Your new header picture...LOVE it!

itsmekt said...

LOL this picture this made my day, im sure thats exactly what I actually look like haha :)