Monday, July 23, 2012

Weekend Recap

Good Morning Ladies! I hope everyone had a great weekend! Notice anything new?!?

We had a great weekend! I usually get bummed on Ashish's working weekend. The days seem to drag and 6:00 can't come soon enough but because of the on and off thunderstorms we had the perfect amount of busy and down time! Here's what we were up to this weekend!

Friday night Jordan and I went on a double date with my good friend Ali and her son Cooper! First we took the boys to Catch Air where they jumped and bounced their little hearts out. After Ali and I the boys were tired we took them out for pizza at Mellow Mushroom. Anyone that has kids knows that going to a restaurant that doesn't have a playground attached can be a challenge. Our boys took that challenge and came out like rock stars! They sat quietly and played with bag of cars and trains that Ali brought. When our food came, they split a pizza and ate the majority of it. Ali and I were able to have a real conversation, the only interruptions being potty breaks. The boys were so good that we decided to trudge through the rain to the frozen yogurt shop to treat those little angels.

Saturday morning was so yucky and dreary. It was the perfect stay in your bed kinda morning. I've caught up on most of my DVR'd shows so I browsed through my OnDemand and started watching...
I had heard good things about it and thought I'd give it a shot. It was a cute chick flick. I L.O.V.E. Colin Egglesfield. After the movie, J and I decided to go to the library. We had some books to return and I wanted to check to see if some of the books that I'd been waiting to read were available yet. After checking out 14(yes, you read that right) books, it was time to go. We had some time to kill before going home so we decided to meet up with Jen and Jonathan and browse the aisles of Target. Surprisingly, I didn't spend my husbands whole paycheck, but I did find a bathing suit top!!!

Saturday night my aunt and uncle were in town from Michigan so we went to visit and have dinner over at my cousin's house. Jordan got to play with their HUGE adorable German Sheppard, Lucas.

Sunday was church as usual.  After lunch we had a playdate/mommy gossip date with Jen and Jonathan at McDonald's. They ran circles around the McDonald's playground. Jordan made a girl-friend...I drooled over all the people that were eating chocolate dipped cones. Oh the joys of dieting healthy eating!

I watched ANOTHER movie...

I saw this one at the movie theatre. It was also really cute. I like Justin Timberlake.

 By the time Ashish got home, I had dinner ready and it was time to start gearing up for the "work" week.

Swim lessons start today....wish us luck!


Jennifer said...

First, I LOVE the new background. i have to learn how to do all those fun little changes.

You definitely had a fun filled weekend! My weekend wasn't remotely as eventful but fun none the less :). I have to post the picture of Jordan and his adorable girlyfriend! I really had a great time with our post church Mickey D's playdate. I couldn't believe we spent TWO HOURS there!

Ashley said...

Jordan is so incredibly cute.

So glad the boys were good during dinner...they probably couldn't get over the yummy MM pizza!

Danielle said...

Sounds like you had an awesomely busy weekend! Your son is sooooo adorable!!!! I love how huge Lucas is next to him, that's a big dog! I hope you have a great week!!

Faith said...

Your new look is fabulous! Love it.

Sounds like such a great weekend!

I loved JT's movie. I thought it was so cute!

Hope the swim lessons went well!

And seriously, the joys of eating healthy. Thanks for your comment on the blog. My issue is really about my eating choices. I know that I feel and look better when I am not stuffing my face with junkfood. Granted I know I am not an elephant but I also know that I need to make some changes and soon. My 29 year old self is not getting any younger :)