Friday, August 10, 2012

Friday's Letters


Dear Blog...this is your 100th post. Happy 100th Post Day! Dear Rain...we get the point! My poor flowers are drowning outside right now. Dear are the most unhealthy fit person that I know. The fact that you can run incredibly long distances without breaking a sweat is unnerving. Sometimes life just isn't fair. Let's hope that Jordan takes after his daddy! Dear God...thank you for putting us in a position to help others. Dear Dad...I'm so glad that you love your new pick-up truck but can we please talk about something else now?!? Dear Faith...I hope you get to feeling better soon. No posts, no cute pictures on Instagram, this is unacceptable. Tell those germs to leave you the heck alone! Dear are offically 3.5! I've been telling people that you're 3.5 for at least 4 months now. Oops! I guess it doesn't help that they think you're 5 (what the heck). You can thank your G-Pa for your height cause you sure didn't get it from your "mama!"

Have a great weekend ladies! Don't forget to link up with Ashley!


Jennifer said...

Happy half birthday Jordan!

LOL at your dad. Girl, you know men and their toys!

Faith said...

hahaha, about your note to your hubby. too funny! i feel the same way about Sean!

and the note to your dad made me laugh out loud, so funny!

yeah, i'm annoyed with myself too. not blogging or taking pictures with my phone makes me sad. i'm feeling a lot better today :)

Happy 3.5 Jordan!

Have the best weekend!

Christa Waldrop said...

Happy 100th post day! What great letters! Have a great weekend!


Chelsea said...

Happy 100th post! I remember how great that felt! I just saw a fellow blogger hit her 10,000th post! Crazy! Have a GREAT day! I can't wait to read more :-)

Ashley said...

Yay for 100 posts!!! Look at you!

Noel can do the same thing...not run for a while and then run like it's not even a thing. I wish I was more like that!!

Ashley said...

i totally laughed at your husband being the "most unhealthy fit person you know."....I think the same about my mom and sister! they live off of candy, chips and pizza and are the skinniest little minnies ever! i can think about ice cream and gain a pound ;)

happy 100th post!