Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Pigeon Forge (LOTS OF PICS)-Day 1

I think that I've said at least 20 times how much I enjoyed Pigeon Forge. The condo was great, the weather was nice, but best of all, the company was great!

The drive from Atlanta to Pigeon Forge is GORGEOUS! The roads are bit dangerous because you're winding up and down the mountains but it was such a beautiful drive.


We stayed at the Cherokee Lodge Condominiums. Pictures can be deceiving; we all know that right? Right? So, when Jennifer e-mailed the pics of the condo that she thought would be a good place to stay, I was a little skeptical. The pics were AMAZING. This place looked like it could truly be my home away from home.
Condo Unit 204 in Pigeon Forge

The top pic from their website. The bottom picture is one that I took. I was very pleased. Everything looked exactly like it did in the pics when we arrived. The Charles' know how to travel in style, this was a vacation match made in heaven!

The kids and hubbys didn't waste any time getting into the pool. Within 30 minutes they were ready to get the vacation started.

While the boys were enjoying their dip in the pool, Jennifer and I were cursing enjoying a nice trip to Wal-Mart. One thing I don't like about Pigeon Forge is the traffic. It took us nearly 35 minutes to drive 3.7 miles. It was ridiculous. When life hands you lemons, make lemonade, right? Right! We used that time to have some good laughs and serious girl talk.

Because our drive to Wal-Mart took so long, by the time we got back to the condo the guys were done at the pool. YES! Just in time for dinner! After much debate and we decided to head to Tony Roma's. Unfortunately, when we got there, their AC was broken and it was 87 degrees inside. Instead of staying we decided on a buffet that was just across the street called, Wood Grill Buffet. The food was mediocre, Golden Coral tastes 10x better but we were starving by that point. Of course we had to take some family pictures!

After dinner Jen, Chris, and Jonathan went back to the condo. Chris hurt his back and needed to rest. Since Jordan is addicted to all things cars, we decided to take him go-kart racing!

After the go-kart racing it was time to put the kids to bed and have some adult shenanigans-complete with a wine bottle with the cork inside the bottle, buffalo chicken dip, and Chris' outlandish answers to Scattergories!

How many college degrees does it take to get one bottle of wine open?!? The answer is 4.5!

Jen was our wine hero! Does she look refreshed? That's because she is covered in wine. LOL! Please notice the wine cork in the bottle.

Day 1 was a complete success!


Ashley said...

this looks like such a fun trip! and the place you stayed is beautiful! i would have never thought of piegeon forge as a getaway place from Atlanta but I'm adding it to the list!

Faith said...

So fun! I love how many people it took to open the wine bottle! I can never open it, haha.

Love the pictures esp. the one of the three if you! Mustne framed! Looking forward to seeing more!

Pegster said...

This looks like such a great trip. I would totally be in the water within minutes like your hubby. Never heard of this place but I definitely want to check it out.

Ashley said...

Haha!!! That's how I feel going to Walmart :-)

So much fun! The place looks gorgeous and I'm loving that waterslide!!

Jennifer said...

LMAO!!!! Wow! This bring back memories, especially the wine. Was TOTALLY worth it though.