Wednesday, August 22, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Happy Wednesday Ladies, here's...

I'm LOVING...that we got to meet baby Kendall yesterday! Keisha and Chris are proud parents of another baby girl and she is PRECIOUS! We also got to see our goddaughter, Kennedy, while we were at the hospital! I wish I could show you a picture but Keisha hasn't made the "offical" baby announcement yet.

I'm LOVING...that I have such supportive in-laws. They gladly offered to come and watch Jordan so that Ashish and I could be there for Keisha and Chris. Also, my MIL subscribed to one of my favorite magazines so that I have stuff to read when I go to her house!

I'm LOVING...that in two weeks we will be gearing up to go to Cancun! The weeks will drag by but it's giving me time to prepare myself for leaving Jordan for 5 days.

I'm LOVING...the thought of Fall. Fall is my favorite season and The Patels have some good stuff in store.
One of the many Fall Festivals we attened last year.

I'm LOVING...having supportive friends. It's nice to have someone just "get" you, which you having to explain your feelings.

And as always, I'm LOVING these two!
Fall 2011


Jennifer said...

It truly is great having amazing inlaws. I am jealous you have two sets so close to home. I wish my Mommy was closer so I could see her all the time :o). I'd be spoiled to death! lol.

And yes, its awesome having friends who get you! That is why I'm grateful for you!

Two Dozen and Change said...

That is too sweet about your mother in law! Love it! And your pictures of Fall have me craving tall boots, caramel apple spice lattes, and hoodies! Can't wait to catch up with y'all real soon!

Ashley said...

I can't wait to hear about Cancun!! You guys are going to have a blast.