Friday, September 07, 2012

Friday's Letters

My letter this week is short and sweet!

Dear God...thank you so much for allowing Ashish and I the opportunity to take a vacation without Jordan. Dear's me, again, please don't let my anxiety over leaving Jordan for 6 days cloud my ability to enjoy this time with Ashish. I know that Jordan is in great hands with my parents and Ashish's parents but I will still worry. Dear God... I know that you don't mind hearing my voice so I have one more thing to add! Because I know Jordan will be in great hands, I fear that he will be a brat when we come back, please keep the grandparents under control as well!

We're off to Cancun! See you guys next week!

This will be our home away from home! Courtesy of


Faith said...

SO excited for you both!! Have the best time and take lots of pictures!!!

Jennifer said...


Amy said...

Have fun in the sun with your hubby in beautiful Jamaica!