Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Happy Wednesday! Is it just me or does it not feel like Tuesday? Monday holidays always throw off my weekly schedule. Here is what I'm LOVING this week...
I'm LOVING... my little shopping partner! This kid has "swag."
I'm LOVING... my anniversary present from Ashish!
I'm LOVING...first day of school smiles!
I'm new "beach" hair! Jennifer did an amazing job, yet again!
I'm new running shoes. I bit the bullet and bought some real running shoes. So far, it's been the best investment I could've made for my feet and ankles.
And last but DEFINITELY not least, I'm LOVING this guy and the anniversary that we will be offically celebrating starting on Friday, in Cancun!


Morgan said...

Congrats on another year of marriage! My husband and I will reach 2 years October 17 and he's got something planned but won't tell me what it is!
Cute shoes, also!

Ashley said...

I'm loving...everything you're loving!!

He definitely does have some swag!!!

And your hair looks amazing!! Getting all cute for Cancun (not that you weren't already) :-)

Jennifer said...


I am loving that sweet boy Jordan and I am LOVING those gorgeous shoes...

what I am not loving is the fact I won't have my friend to talk to for almost an entire week! :( Boo. But I am loving that the reason is because you are celebrating your anniversary in beautiful cancun with your soul mate.