Monday, December 17, 2012


My life changed this weekend. On Friday as we drove Jordan to my in-laws, I said a silent prayer for him, for his safety, for God's continued grace. Jordan was spending the weekend with them because Ashish and I were attending Christmas parties and serving at the church over the weekend. This isn't uncommon, we leave him with them often. They take care of him, maybe better care than I do. He is well fed, bathed in the best bubble baths, and greased down like a little chicken (how do you like that Abbey?)! So why was it so hard for me to leave him? As we were driving, more and more reports of the S.H. Elementary School shooting were coming in on the radio. More details, more fatalities, more outraged people. My heart was heavy.

As I kissed Jordan goodbye, I whispered another short prayer, for his protection. Although I thought my prayer was quiet, Jordan heard it and whispered back "dear God, thank you for this day, I will be okay."

Every night we start our prayers with "Dear God" and we go on to pray for our friends and family. We often pray for our neighbor, Ms. Barbara, and for warm beds. I typically have to lead the prayer and Jordan just repeats. For him to pray his own prayer meant so much. It meant that all of our prayers that we pray mean something to him. It meant that he listened to what we were praying for instead of just repeating. But, most of all, it meant the he knew how to pray for what I needed to hear, without even knowing.

Ashish and I went on to have an amazing weekend (which I will blog about tomorrow sometime this week). Jordan came back to us, full of energy, and happy. He was unharmed. He was perfect.

My prayers are still with the families that were so greatly affected by the shooting. I've been on my knees in prayer for healing and guidance. I continue to hold onto the fact the God is good.

James 5:16 Therefore, confess your sins to one another and pray for one another, that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person has great power as it is working.


Taylor said...

Isn't it amazing when they pray? Their faith is so strong, and is such an example for me. Nathan prays on his own, alone, and comes and tell us what he's prayed for.., A few months ago it was for us to have a new baby brother or sister this year. Yikes! We've taught Lily how to fold her arms to pray, and the other day, I was on the phone, and asked my mom to pray for us about something, and Lily heard me say "pray" and immediately folded her arms like we've taught her! Beautiful. -Taylor

Life with J and J said...

New follower here. I love your posts. We also have a name in common. My newborn daughter is named Jordan :-).