Saturday, June 22, 2013

Bump Attack: 14-16 weeks

Weight Gain: 9lbs

Cravings: I craved sushi with Jordan and I'm craving sushi with this baby. Any thing with carbs...pasta, potatoes, cheese, Cheetos! La Croix with lime...almost tastes like a Corona if I close my eyes. Aversions: cooking in general! I don't know if I can really list that as an aversion but I'm going to! Asparagus-blah! Mexican...other than cheese dip. I could swim in cheese dip.

Symptoms: My morning sickness is still hanging around. I really can't believe it. Again, it's not all day but it is everyday which sucks! The headaches aren't as bad lately. Thank God! I don't know how some people deal with migraines. Pain in your head is brutal.

We are excited that my glucose test came back NORMAL! That was a huge relief! We are also excited that we will find out the sex of the baby on July 12th! 

Boy or girl?!? I'm still saying girl! 

What's Next? Well, our next appointment is on July 12th for our anatomy scan. We are headed to Myrtle Beach on Wednesday for a nice family vacation! 

Maternity Clothes: Not yet. I have had the hardest time find maternity shorts. I know that a lot of people love Motherhood Maternity but honestly, their shorts don't fit me right. They are either too short (pregnant hoochie mama) or too long (pregnant grandma mama).

 Target has a limited selection. I found a cute pair of white skinny ankle jeans but let's be realistic, I have a 4yr old, white only stays white for so long, if I have to be seen in the same pair of jeans all the time, I don't want them to be white. 

Macy's...sells Motherhood Maternity and Jessica Simpson. I like Jessica Simpson's shoes, her maternity line...totally different story. I would consider myself to be trendy but her maternity is more "sexy" than trendy. I understand what she was trying to do. When you're pregnant you feel unattractive, at times. She want her clothes to make you feel sexy. I felt naked. That's all. 

Old Navy: should be ashamed of themselves. Their maternity section sucks. I have the largest mall in the southeast 2 miles from my house. The maternity section is smaller than my walk in closet. I was really disappointed.

JCPenny: I had really high hopes for them. I looked online and they really have some cute stuff. There was even a button for "find this item in a store!" I thought I was getting somewhere. That is, until I actually went in the store and was informed that they don't sell maternity  clothes in the store but..."I could buy some online and return it to the store of it doesn't work?!?" Thanks for nothing! 

So, I have yet to buy any maternity clothes. Boo!

Stretch Marks: same ones from Jordan...I think!

Wedding Rings: still ON and still a little bit big. 

 16 weeks! Sorry for the awful picture. I was trying to take it as I was leaving! 

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Sarah said...

Sounds like it is still going pretty well! You look beautiful mama!!