Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Body After Baby

Before I got pregnant with Gabrielle I decided that if I couldn't get pregnant, I'd get fit. I cleaned up my diet and started devoting time to the gym. I wouldn't have considered myself to be a "gym rat" but I was definitely there a lot. I enjoyed it. One of my best friends also went to the same gym. We would chat it up while on the treadmill and them hit the weights. It was fun. Honestly, I think that it was the first steps to getting out of the depression that I had quickly fallen into. Excercise saved my life. 

This was me, the morning after getting a positive pregnancy test. I was proud of how far I had come. Abs were starting to form. My hips were slimming down. I was definitely headed in the right direction. I vowed that I was going to keep going to the gym, and I did, until morning sickness and sciatic pain took me out (22weeks). My excercise came to a halt. By that point, I was willing to take a break. I still had to take care of Jordan and it seemed that with every run on the treadmill came awful pain. 

Throughout my pregnancy I gained 35lbs. I gained 30 with Jordan. I felt pretty good about that number. This was my last pregnancy and I felt like I enjoyed it. 

So...almost 16 weeks after giving birth, where am I at? I'm about 10lbs away from my pre-pregnancy weight. There are no abs coming through. I have skin that may be loose for the rest of my life. My hips are the widest that they've ever been. Some days it's depressing. Some days I don't notice it. When I get down on myself I look back at that picture. I got my body to look like that. There wasn't a magic pill. I didn't starve myself. I was determined. I did it once, I can do it again! This body has now given birth to two babies. These hips and thighs are strong enough to pace the floors and flights of stairs with a fussy baby. The flabby belly is Jordan's favorite part about his mommy and that makes me feel good. My breasts are flabby because I'm still feeding a baby. The body is an incredible thing. And, for that, I am proud of mine! 

I am going to periodically blog about my weight loss journey. Help keep me accountable! 


Sharon said...

I just recently lost 74 pounds..I worked out and dieted. It was truly a change of life habits. Good Luck

Jennifer said...

Isn't it amazing that when you were the size above, you still complained daily and you looked great! I wish us Mommies didn't have such critical eyes. And thing is, if you took a photo now and showed your 50 year old self, you would trade places in an instant! You are still postpartum and everything will snap back! The body is truly an incredibly thing. Don't get discouraged.

Ashley said...

love this post! and how hard you worked. You can so get there again and, in the meantime...just like you said. you gave birth to two babies -and that is the most incredible thing a body can ever do!