Sunday, April 03, 2011

Ode to March

It's April 3rd and I am still trying to figure out where March went. It seems that since I've had Jordan the months and years are flying by. I need to slow down time.

March was a semi busy month for us. I say "semi" because we got to do a lot of the things that we wanted to do and no so many things that people volunteered us to do.  We started the month off celebrating Ashish's dad's 77th birthday.

SN: Ashish's parents are so young at heart. They can hang and roll with the best of us! I've said it before and I'll say it again (probably several times), Ashish, Jordan, and I are very blessed to have them in our lives. The are great parents to Ashish, awesome in-laws to me, and fantastic grandparents to Jordan. We couldn't ask for anything more.

Jordan got to visit the zoo for the very first time. He loved it!

He was too exited to get his picture taken

My friend Jen had this great idea to start a mom's group. She, like I, is stay at home mom, and gets bored just staying at home. She ran the idea by me, I thought it was great but really didn't know how to get the ball rolling. In comes Rachel, another friend, she is a computer genius. With a couple clicks of her mouse and keyboard, she set the mom's group into action. So far we have 12 wonderful in the group and are really looking for more participants. Jen named the group "Moms in the Burbs" and we got to experience our first Mom's Night Out.We had a great time!

L-R: Me, Jennifer, Melissa, Rachel, Gianna, and Sarah

We have a room in our house that has had many face lifts. It was originally supposed to be a game/movie room (Ashish was a bachelor then). When I loved in, it became an office/guest bedroom #2. Once we had Jordan it was an office/guest bedroom #1. Which brings me to today. I rarely use the desktop that sits in the office. I am trying to convert over to paperless statements so I don't really need the desk anymore.

Every year, when we get our taxes back, we try and so something to our house. Whether it be an upgrade, a preventative makeover, or just something fun. Last year, we added a wall to the game room movie room office guest bedroom. This year, I decided to save the money and tackle a DIY project. Our friends, Ashley and Adam were getting new bedroom furniture and asked if we knew anyone that could use the old furniture. The wheels in my head got to turning. I couldn't think of anyone...but wait...I could use the furniture. Because our extra room has been just that, extra, we never put an actually bed in the room. We had a real modern futon in there for guests. So, not really knowing how I was going to tackle this project, I had Adam bring it to me. It sat in my garage for at least a week before I decided that I was just going to do it. The furniture was oak which matches nothing in my house. I knew that it was going to have to be given a light sanding before priming, primed, and then paint.

Original Armoire

 Original Night Stand Drawer


Foot board-primed

Night Stand drawers-primed


That's what I've been up to in March! Stay tuned, April is a really busy month!

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Priya said...

You're going to think I'm totally weird but it's ironic that Jordan had his first visit to the zoo last month. I had the most random dream a few weeks ago (although I think having seen some pictures you posted on fb of Jordan and the family might have caused it). I dreamt that I took Jordan to the zoo for the very first time and he loved it. If I make my way down south or you guys come up to visit us here in New England I owe him a trip! Glad to hear you've settled so well into motherhood. Take Care.