Thursday, August 04, 2011


I wanted to throw a big ol' temper tantrum yesterday. You know, the kind that a 2 year old has. I wanted to yell "that's not fair."

Let me give you a little bit of background...

In May of 2010 Ashish and I took a leap of faith and joined a new church. At the time, the church was a little bit out of our comfort zone but we quickly grew to love it. In September, we joined a couple's small group. I wouldn't consider myself to be shy but on the first night, I was shy. We were the "newbies" in the group, everyone else knew each other. When we walk in that first night, I was nervous; that was until I saw someone I knew, Ashley. Ashley and I had been friends since middle school. After high school we went in different directions for college and only stayed in touch via Facebook. It was if we never skipped a beat, we laughed and chatted, she introduced me to everyone-my nervousness quickly went away.

Ashish, Jordan, and I had a new extended family. From September to May (there was a break for the holidays) we had 3 baby showers and welcomed 4 beautiful babies. We teamed together to help members of the group move. We collected food for a food drive that the church was hosting. Again, this was like our extended family. I love our small group.

Now to bring this all full circle. Small group used to meet on Wednesday nights, then it got changed to Thursday nights. Thursday worked best for us because of Ashish's work schedule. By it being on Wednesdays, Ashish would only be able to attend one night a month-kinda defeats the purpose of a couple's small group.

Small group will be starting again in September and the leaders are thinking of moving it back to Wednesday nights. When I read the e-mail, I eyes got teary. I know that they can't accomodate everyone's schedules. I know that Thursday nights don't work for several of the other husbands/wives in the group. I know that they have to do what's best for the group. I know all of these things but it doesn't stopped me from being bummed about it. I wanted to stomp up and down, roll around, kick my legs like a crazy person. I know that won't help but it sounded good at the time. LOL.

I'm asking you to please pray for Ashish and I. Pray that if small group does meet on Wednesday nights that we find another, equally as great, small group to join. Pray that we make new extended family members and keep in touch with the old ones.


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Two Dozen and Change said...

Boo. Boo. Boo. I laid in the floor and kicked and screamed all of last semester girl, so I totally feel ya. The alternative, walking around feeling like your panties are on your head and your watch is around your ankle because you miss your super fabulous small group family like crazy. Sigh.