Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Happy Halloween

We had a great Halloween; Jordan was a football player this year! I was almost positive that he would choose to be Thomas the Train but nope, he wanted to be a football player. Whatever, I am a OCD cool mom like that and let him be whatever he wanted to be.

On Thursday, he had a class Halloween Party complete with cookie decorating, singing, and tantrum bean bag throwing!

We learned our lesson last year and did not partake in too many costume wearing festivities prior to Halloween.

S/N: Last year J had a costume party at school, we took his 18 month (at 20 months) pictures in his costume, and we went to a costume party at The Melting Pot. By the time Halloween actually came, J wanted to part of his adorable costume.

Our neighborhood doesn't have any children. I'm not exaggerating, we have 1 middle school aged boy, and 2 high school aged girls. Like I said, our neighborhood doesn't have any children. It was perfect before we had kids; not too many school buses, no school fundraisers to feel obligated to participate in, perfect I tell ya. That was until we had our own child and he has no neighborhood friends. I digress. We were invited to come trick or treating in our friend Melissa's neighborhood. She has nothing but a neighborhood full of kids! Jordan got to ring several doorbells (his favorite thing), collect a lot of candy, and see one of his fav. little ladies!

I hope everyone enjoyed their Halloween!

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